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What is Thrift My Fashion?

What is Thrift My Fashion?

Girl, Why do you want to Thrift Shop?

You know that feeling when you want to buy something to wear, but you don't want to go over budget on your weekly expenses? Well that happened to me one night a few years ago when I really needed a cute top for a dinner party I was attending. Yessss I could have just "closet shopped" but I wanted something new. Who wouldn't? As I was driving home I came across a Salvation Army. I thought in my head "Maybe I can find something cute in here since I am on a budget?" I walk into the store and was immediately overwhelmed. I didn't have a lot of time to look around, so I rushed right into the racks and began searching. Not only did I find one top, I walked out with two bags full of clothes! Luckily it was a Wednesday and Salvation Army was having a sale, which was half off all clothing. WOOT  WOOT! I purchased two jeans for $12, and three blouses for $4 a piece. My biggest win ??  a Kate Spade wallet,  which was only $5! Yes $5!

Thrifting will never go out of style


I got home and thought who wouldn't want to Thrift Shop? It's so fun, overwhelming at first, but FUN! Thrifting became my best friend. I started to challenge myself on each thrifting adventure by carrying a small amount of money in my wallet. Each trip I would literally walk out with bags of clothing and spend no more than $40. I started to cut, bleach and distress different items to my liking. I always dreamed of being a Fashion Designer, so why not use some of my talent? My friends always complimented me on the items I purchased so I introduced them to the idea.  Recently I came up with the idea that I am going to start a blog on thrift shopping! I wanted to give my readers tips on what to look for, what trends are in and style inspirations. I also wanted to sell the items I have purchased for a budget friendly price. So I welcome you to....

Thrift My Fashion LLC.

I really hope you all support me in this journey and look forward to blogging with me about how awesome thrift shopping is!

How to make a stylish outfit with only $30!

How to make a stylish outfit with only $30!