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2016: UNCOMFORTABLE...but you would have never guessed it!

2016: UNCOMFORTABLE...but you would have never guessed it!

WELL !!! Where do I start? The only words I can describe about 2016...


When I say uncomfortable I mean not losing my integrity not comprising myself etc.. I'm meaning out of my personal box.

I usually use this platform to  give tips about thrifting, what to do and what not to do, how to stay on a budget, etc., but this time I wanted to express myself. I wanted to tell you the real ME. When you become an entrepreneur people think you don't have a real life, you're constantly researching, spending funds, and have no time to live. But, behind the scenes some of us are HOT MESSES! okay!? Some (like me) are still working an 8-5 career while also trying to juggle personal, and professional entrepreneur life.  While others are knee deep into their schooling or professional careers, young mothers and wives and maintaining it all.

I remember growing up my grandma and family members would tell me, cherish your 20's they will come and go. As a teenager I sat and thought in my head "yeah right! My 20's are here to stay forever"

KNOCK KNOCK..Year 26 came around and I'm sitting at work looking like.. "What happened two or three years ago?" As an adult in your 20's you can constantly become hard on yourself. If we admit it or not, we are constantly playing the "comparison and what if" game. We are also seeking happiness within others and people around us and not ourselves. I recently picked up a book called "The Rhythm of Life. Living Everyday with Passion & Purpose." ITS A MUST READ! I'm only a few chapters in and my mindset for 2017 has already shifted. The author is REAL. He makes you think twice about re-designing your purpose and life and fully focusing on your passion. Go get it!


As you all might know, this was my first year living in Atlanta. I prayed for change and prayed for God to open doors to a new city for me but WHEWWWW... he opened them and shifted me to the left. My goal was to come here, expand my blog/brand , meet people, and possibly shift careers. I accomplished 75% of that, all while being totally brave, standing out and going for it. The first few months were rough. I was miserable, lost and COLD! I'm originally from Key West so I was seriously like WTH with this weather. I transferred positions and was working with major agencies, and became the outreach coordinator at my job. I loved bringing my co workers together for great causes such as helping homeless kids, doing a bra drive for less fortunate women, and toys for veterans with kids. I also met some awesome co workers that never judged me, gave me spiritual and personal advice and just accepted me. Those lunch dates meant more than you know!


When I stated the first 4-5 months were rough, THEY REALLY WERE! I lost my best friend of seven years due to betrayal (first and only time I will talk about it). I was hurt and vulnerable. Just like anyone else would be. My true friends stayed by my side. They loved me, they let me vent and never judged me, and we grew so much closer than before. After that situation I had a huge guard up but you would never notice it. I hung out, communicated daily with new friends and pretended like nothing happened. We both did. BASICALLY NOT ADDRESSING THE SITUATION. Which never works out well.  So if you're ever in that situation, Pray and get closure from God. He will lead you to all the questions you might need answered. Flash to the summer. My sister hosted a surprise party for me and that was first time I really cried in front of people. I was so happy!!!! New and old friends attended, but it was just what I needed. We danced the night away, got a little intoxicated and had a ball. I also traveled a lot this year between Florida, Tennessee, New Orleans, New York, Mississippi. I basically kept busy to avoid any uncomfortable-ness I was feeling. Oh, and let's not talk about relationships or should I say situation-ships. I was strung along for months with one person all to lead up being right where I am today.. SINGLE.  Yes I went on plenty of dates, but nothing too serious. But let's just say this never put yourself in a situation to be strung along! You are valuable, you are worth it, you might be complicated but the right person will love you flaws and all.


I can admit being single at some point can get frustrating because you see people around you getting married, engaged or taking "Baecations" Don't get me wrong, when you find someone who loves you enough to spend the rest of their life with you? THAT'S DOPE! BUT...Don't be jealous, use this time to find and love yourself. Congratulate them and allow God to place the right person in your life. He/She will come! Be Patient and Trust the Process & DO NOT BE A FOOL. Make mistakes while dating so when "the one" comes around you will be happy, at peace and be the person you once dreamed of and prayed for. TRUST ME, ITS OKAY TO BE SINGLE AND STILL FIGURING IT OUT. DON'T PUT A TIMELINE ON LOVE. I am learning that on a daily basis. 

But as for Thrift My Fashion- my baby, my brand, my blog, my closet store, my business- WE DID GREAT! Not only did we make our 1 year mark on October 1, 2016. We accomplished so much within this year and I'm so proud of myself for staying focused. I joined two FB groups that opened me up to a lot of connections. I had interviews for my blog, we were featured as a blog to look out for, guest blogged on a lot of different blogs, and even did our first POP UP SHOP! I even got to style and personal shop for a few people virtually and in-person! The uncomfortable Niqua even had a women's empowerment event with a beautiful soul named Desiry. It was called Passionista- A Seat at the Table and it was a huge success! Sales peaked, I took so many amazing shots with different photographers and I have started and grown our company's social media pages. Follow me if you haven't already - @thriftmyfashion on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Pinterest ) I will be adding a snap chat this upcoming year! I had a plan for my business and I'm happy Atlanta gave me the opportunity to flourish. We have a new project coming for 2017 which I am doing all BY MYSELF and I can't wait to start on it. See photos and links (click them) below of all the excitement from this year!

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Month 12 opened my eyes in so many ways that I never could have imagined. I was and still am SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE, but as humble, normal and spontateous as possible. One friend told me " I want you to find peace and be happy" Another friend told me, "I love your spirit, and your creativity and your humbleness, but Stop trying to be perfect and stop being hard on yourself! Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing and believe it! It's okay to still figure it out and make mistakes. Don't rush anything because before you know it you will ruin your twenties. Have Fun!" One of my best friends once stated "your passionate demeanor helps you become successful in achieving your goals. Don't forget that" and My mom recently told me "If you can remember one thing from me, always be considerate in whatever you do" Year 2017 I pray and hope I can take all of that advice.

Year 2016 was weird for me, good and bad weird. God kept throwing that word patience at me in books, people, sermons, etc. I felt good knowing how much my family and friends supported and loved me but also weird cause I didn't think I was showing it in return. There I go being hard on myself. I was present, but my soul wasn't, if that makes sense. I was whole but not complete. I was financially good, but my heart wasn't rich. I CRAVED MORE! There's nothing wrong with craving and wanting more and better for yourself, but God has a plan for each and everyone one of us.


So this new year, I want to BE GENUINELY HAPPY

  • I want to not be so available to others but be more available to myself.
  • I want to look into going back to school for a certification or master's degree
  • I want to grow my business and brand even more than before!
  • I want to continue to love on my family and friends everyday
  • I want to be able to be unapologetic-ally free like Solange
  • I want to strive to be as humble, ambitious, caring and #blackgirlmagic like My Mom, Mrs.Michelle Obama & Oprah
  • I want to develop professionally within my marketing career.
  • I want to get back into yoga, read more, get facials, treat myself, wake up early !
  • I want to actually enjoy brunch, festivals and lounges and be boujee with my friends lol

I hope and pray your 2017 will be LIT, FUN, REAL AND SUCCESSFUL as I envision mine to be!

The voice of a hungry soul is confusion, questions, and a general sense of being overwhelmed.
— Matthew Kelly


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