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2017..My High's and Low's

2017..My High's and Low's


Did 2017 fly by for you too or was it just me???

I honestly thought that 2017 was a rushed year for me. I barely understood what I learned or what I accomplished. I was honestly contemplating on whether I should write this post because I didn't know if you cared to hear.  2016 was a year of uncomfortableness and I poured my heart out on that blog post (feel free to check it out here --> ( 2016 blog post) Not only did I just move to Atlanta that year, I felt like I was all over the place with my life and didn't know what I was doing or how to restart. 

For me, 2017 definitely opened my eyes. I realized how important my family was to me and how important it is to maintain relationships. Family is my number one priority and at times last year, I didn't think I did a great job with staying in communication with everyone. I prayed for them daily, but I didn't understand why I went days without reaching out to them. This year I will do better. It's my priority to do better. Also, when I stated maintaining relationships, I meant friendships as well. Friendships take a lot of effort. I'm not saying that in a negative way at all...I'm just expressing how I feel. I learned that if the friendship isn't a two way street, stop bending over backwards to pursue the relationship. I felt I did that a lot in 2017. I continously reached out  to people I considered "friends" while in reality they were just associates. There's nothing wrong with having associates, just make sure you remember that title when they disappoint you. My main crew remained solid and I am forever grateful, but I stated that comment to say.. make sure the effort is mutual. 

I also realized I traveled a lot in 2017 and that's one of the reasons why I'm broke today. At least I'm broke and happy right? lol Nah but I'm not broke, I am just trying to catch up. I went everywhere from St Louis, Nashville, Key West, Tampa, Miami, etc. This year I'm going to learn to stop taking last minute trips because it's not worth the headache. Yes, it can be spontaneous, but 2018 is a year of saving for me. My plan is to only take five trips this year; Vegas, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Dominican Republic and maybe Jamaica/Mexico. So unless the trips are drivable and I'm only spending last than $200, you won't see me going. Sorry Boo!! 

Oh by the way, I "hosted" my first event in ATL in 2017. I seriously wouldn't even consider it hosting. No shade, but seriously shade. I was DM'd on Instagram about a blogger's event and having a section for me to celebrate and network. I was all about it! Telling my friends to come, bringing out my family and everything. I get there thinking I would have a section. A section in my opinion includes a bottle of alcohol too, right? My intention wasn't to go there and turn up, it was to network, but don't trick me into bringing people out and then look crazy when I ask where is my "liquor". ATL promoters I tell you! I still was able to walk around and meet a lot of people but it wasn't what I expected. I received an apology text the next day and I realized I would never do that again. Next time I will be hosting my own event that I will put together. 

Let's Talk Business...

Business for me sucked last year, but surprisingly brands wanted to collaborate with me. I am not going to sit here and sugar coat it. My traffic numbers were down and I only made about $300 in total sales from my closet store, which is actually really horrible. Most of my sales came from Ebay, but the good thing is I was able to purchase a ring light which helped my brand tremendously. The quality of my content improved and my photos started to look a lot more professional. With some of the funds I saved, I was also able to purchase a Nikon camera. Having my own camera allowed me the freedom to not depend on photographers and my turn around time became significantly shorter. The brands that I had the opportunity to work with were Jord Watches, Smile Brilliant, Bianco Smile, Braidz By Chaya, etc. I was so excited about those collaborations and even more excited about the free products. My goal going into 2017 was to work with brands, and I did it. Check!! In 2018- I am getting paid for it.. mark my words. 


Oh, BTW.. I found love.

Crazy right... last year I was very specific about what I wanted and how disappointed I was in my past situations and I was so against jumping into something for the new year. It had been so long that I didn't know what a relationship consisted of anymore or what were the first steps of being a great partner. I had prayed about the man I yearned for.. someone who is God fearing, who has a great family dynamic, someone affectionate, honest, silly, respectful, and someone who allows me to be "single" in our relationship. When I state "single" I am in no way applying that I want an open relationship, but I use that term in the way of having a partner that allows me to still feel like I can accomplish my own goals, someone who allows me to live my own life outside of our relationship. I found that in my partner. Crazy thing about it is, we crossed paths in 2014, hit it off, became friends, tried to date but it wasn't the right timing. I believe God placed us back into each other's life and denied us the first time until he knew we were both whole. I don't want to get into it too much because some things are meant to be private, but I can honestly say I am happy, in love, and I pray everyone has this feeling. When you pray for something, make sure you are prepared to receive it.

I don't have any expectations for 2018. I just pray it is a prosperous year for me. I pray to connect with you all and grow my presence online and I pray my brand continues to flourish. I am welcoming 2018 with open arms and I'm dancing my way through the BS. It's time for me stop over thinking things, get the negative thoughts out of my head and stop comparing my life to others. What's meant for me will always comeback full circle. So... here's to 2018.. BRING IT ON!

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