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Interesting ol Charleston

Interesting ol Charleston


This past weekend my love and I had the opportunity to experience Charleston, SC. This was my first time ever in Charleston and I honestly didn't know what to expect. Our original plan was to spend three days in NYC and explore, eat and have fun. Things were definitely shifted when we had a lost in his family and emotions ran high. We thought it was a better idea to do a road trip, relax and go somewhere I have never been. 

This trip taught me how to remain calm and be still. Usually when I travel we have an itinerary, outfits planned and places to eat. This time I didn't. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on my thoughts, be still and patient. I admit I was a little antsy when we were just laying in the room but then I realized I needed this. We all do. You have to cherish every second, moment and minute because you will never get that time back. Vibe to energy surrounding you and acknolwege your new surroundings. 

Enough about that... more about my trip..

Charleston is about a four and half drive away from where we live in Atlanta so we left early Friday morning. We arrived and checked in at the Marriott which was about 10 mins from the downtown area. BTW-- because he travels so much for work, our stay was paid for in points! Who doesn't love free?? The hotel was beautiful, it had a rooftop bar, nice restaurant, and huge gym. The front desk staff was very attentive and on point with every request. That day we ended up exploring the city, walking around downtown, visiting Rainbow Row and eating BBQ. Did you know that Rainbow Row  was originally a commerce center on the waterfront built to serve the wharfs and docks of the port of Charleston? Merchants lived on the second floor and had their stores on the first floor of the buildings.  Unfortunately, after the Civil War and until the early 1900s, Rainbow Row was considered a slum and was a very run-down area of Charleston. A woman named Dorothy Porcher Legge owned houses 99 through 101.  To improve the homes, she painted them a bright and beautiful pastel pink, which was from the colonial Caribbean color scheme at the time. Others in the area began following in her footsteps by painting their houses beautiful pastel colors to improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood.  But the coloring was not just for aesthetics: Light colors helped keep the interior of the houses cooler. (sited Bull Dog Buzz) 


My love was such a trooper! haha He was able to capture some great photos of me and only complained once! ONCE YALL!!

The rose below was given to me for free from a dark skinned woman with a strong Caribbean accent. I inquired about her history and she stated she was born and raised in Charleston but the accent was from her ancestors. She had a Gullah or Geechee accent which was a dialect/culture from the slaves that were imported from the islands. Charleston was huge for slave trading and had many different plantations that imprisoned blacks and worked them for more than 15 hours. Speaking of plantations, a white man asked my love and I while we were in the elevator if we had visited a "plantation yet?" in his words. I thought that was very insensitive and I am planning to do a podcast/YouTube video to express our frustrations with that comment. I honestly don't know what he was thinking but it was such a huge dent in our trip. Anyway, enough about the history and that ignorant man...the beautiful dark skinned women gifted me with a rose made out of leaves and told me to put it in my future bouquet. She expressed that once I put the rose in my bouquet, it means that I am officially off the market and I am vowing to remain committed to my partner.  I am planning to use that rose one day.


As far as food, we ended up at eating a place called "Home Team BBQ" Friday afternoon. If you're ever visiting, get the smoked wings with the Alabama white sauce and the macaroni. Also the pork BBQ nachos was amazing. Saturday night was our date night, so we ended up catching the sunset on a sail boat ride around the harbor (Schooner Pride) was which very romantic and ended the night with dinner and drinks. For dinner we ended up going to a southern restaurant called Paw Paw and I ordered truffle fries (sooo good),  pork chops with collard greens, and potatoes while my love had shrimp and grits. The food was yummy and I would recommend going if you're ever in SC. 

I can't forget about City Market. There are a lot of locals there selling merchandise and the ice cream parlors on King Street are to die for. Don't forget to visit Folly Beach....we ended up napping at the beach and enjoying the waves for an hour but the parking was a headache (just warning you) See photos below!

Of course I visited a thrift store! It was called Uptown Cheapstake and supposedly they have a lot of franchise around the U.S. It was very fancy and reminded me of a "Plato's closet" but more organized! I purchased a floral jumpsuit I am planning to wear this summer for $12. Yes that was a little expensive considering it was thrifted. Oh well =(

All in all we had an amazing time! It was a great getaway from busy Atlanta. I do regret not eating at a seafood restaurant, but there's always next time. Matter of fact, as I'm writing this, we are planning our next road trip! We didn't spend too much money considering we drove, two nights of hotels was only $50 (all paid with points) and probably spent about $300 on activities and food combined. Not too shabby! 

 I hope you enjoy the photos! Let me know which drive-able city we should hit us next?

IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!

IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!

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