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Crop Tops & Street Style

Crop Tops & Street Style

When you think of Street Style what comes to your mind? Crop tops? Boyfriend jeans? Graphic tees? Boots? My personal favorite street style looks come from New York Fashion Week and Tokyo's Fashion Week. People come from all over the world to showcase  their style and I love it. I If I can choose any style to duplicate on a daily basis it would definitely be street style. I find most of my inspirations from Pinterest and past articles. I also follow some great women on Instagram who puts together looks that would make you GAG! (I'm so dramatic) but seriously... you need to follow these stylish, fierce women.. 


Shiona Turini


Candace Marie


Kahlana Barfield Brown

Those three ladies are a must following on all social media platforms and I am inspired by them on a daily. 

Anyway, this past weekend on a day around town I had the chance to pull out my boots and crop top. I paired my graphic tee with a thrifted skirt and some thrifted boots. I can't remember exactly where I purchased the skirt from, but I do know it was probably less than $10. I didn't want to "over do" the look because I felt like the shirt spoke for itself. It was quite bold and the colors in my opinion flowed nicely. These boots are now my favorite and I pretty much wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts...pretty much everything. Oh well!! lol 

Take a look at my thrifted street style look and let me know if you like it! 



Interesting ol Charleston

Interesting ol Charleston

Spring is here!

Spring is here!