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You're Glowing...


The other day I posted a photo and there were two comments that stuck out to me.. "You're Glowing" and "Glow 2018". I realized they were relaying those messages to me, but I never really felt a "glow" about me until recently. My skin has never been "popping", my natural hair usually makes me feel self conscious and I am super awkward at times. Crazy thing is, since 2018 started my skin has been so clear, I barely ever have pimples and all of my black marks have faded. I guess that's what happens when you stress less and just go with the flow. I have never received so many compliments on my skin before and its actually giving me a boost of extra confidence that I didn't know existed. I can't really say I have a skin regime, but I do recommend African black soap, cetaphil moisturizer, clinique eye cream, and weekly charcoal mask. (all listed products are linked)

As far as my hair goals.. well I'm just letting it go all over the place. I have had natural hair since forever and in October 2016 I did my third big chop. I still feel like my hair isn't growing but I do notice a difference in my texture. My current go to products are the As I am co wash and leave in conditioner. They are working wonders in my 4c hair.

Of course, everything I have listed are affordable and do not break the bank, so if you are looking to try some new products, GO FOR IT!


While trying out new styles, I experimented with Flexi rods with my hair and I loved the result. I co-washed with the AS I AM cowash, and then blew out my hair section by section. It was a long day, so I ended up falling asleep and starting the hair style in the morning. Section by section, piece by piece I added eco styler flax seed gel to my hair and sprayed the Lotta Body leave in conditioner to each piece. After that I rolled each section with Flexi rods and air dried for 4 hours. The end result was amazing!! Should I do a YouTube tutorial on it?


I felt and still feel beautiful embracing my new skin, hair and glow. I might throw on my wig and a ton of makeup this week but at least I know how confident and beautiful I feel and look without it.

Until next time,

Niqua Jeanette



Leopard Feels

Leopard Feels