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Men's Spring Style

Men's Spring Style


When the season's start to change, so does your style. Spring style to me is all about bright colors, patterns and denim. It takes a little time to adjust to the weather difference so some people tend to move slowly into their fashion. Despite the pollen Spring begins, there is something about the flowers blossoming and the sun shining that brings me peace and new beginnings. In my current style I am loving yellow, bohemian dresses and florals. (Hence my previous blog post). I love that my current style has a hipster vibe mixed with a bohemian feel and the free-ness in the material allows me to move around and run errands in the blazing sun. Spring style gives us a lot of options to have fun with your fashion while also brightening up the room. 

When it comes to Men's Spring Style, I think it's necessary to stay in the color lane of greens, yellows, sometimes blue, and of course patterns. Light weight blazers as an accessory are definitely a way to stand out in the crowd. If you add a button down underneath or a fitted tee with some shorts and loafers, you are bound to make a statement. It's also okay to add denim to your style as well. If you are a guy who loves denim, pair it with a fitted tee, button down, fedora and a sexy watch. 

Speaking of a sexy watch, this past week I had the opportunity to partner with Jord Watches to display their recent wooden Men's Watch Collection. When I received the email to introduce a male friend into the blogging world, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. After researching their new collection, I felt like each timepiece told a different story. Jord has an unique way of displaying each watch and their packaging was "to die for!". There are various wooden designs for both men and women that you can choose from. Check them out! --> Jord Watch 

Watch Pictured --> Conway Series Walnut Jet Black


**Jord Giveaway**

Not only did my friend Nick and I have an awesome time shooting this campaign, he also had a glimpse of what blogging entails. I'm super excited to say I have a GIVEAWAY for you all!! Anyone who enters will receive a $25 JORD e gift code, and one lucky winner will get a $100 JORD e gift code to use on any JORD WATCH! Enter the giveaway> CLICK HERE and you won't be disappointed. The giveaway closes on 4/23/17 at 11:59p.m and that's when you will receive the $25 e-code and I will announce the $100 WINNER!! The code expires 6/30/17 so pleaseeee sign up now! Whenever I have deals, or tips believe me I love to tell you !! Let's get you a watch for more than half off!

Images below-- ( watch - Jord Conway , shirt -  @Thriftmyfashion new men's collection-coming soon)

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