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Jumping into Fall...Fabulous & All

Jumping into Fall...Fabulous & All

Fall is here and so are the Fall looks!

Fall isn’t my favorite season to style, but I’m learning to adapt to it. This year I am keeping my eyes on faux leather, plaids and layers. I am actually having fun with it and coming up with different looks that fit my personality. Some of my inspirations are actually coming from Pinterest and Who What Where on Instagram. Recently I was able to shoot this fabulous look below while it wasn't that cold here in Atlanta. The awesome part of it all was that I was able to snag this look for less than $15. Can you guess where I purchased these items? I discovered this cute look at a store called Uptown Cheapstake. I actually came across this same store in South Carolina, and I didn’t know there was one in Atlanta. After discovering it, I came up with a spending budget and walked away with some great items for under $35. Stay tuned for more looks put together from this fabulous thrift boutique.

Long sleeve shirt -$3

Faux Leather Skirt — $6

Glasses $4

Do you like this look? Comment below and let me know your thoughts! How are you styling your fall looks?

IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!

IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!