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N O L A & Mardi Gras Madness

N O L A & Mardi Gras Madness

Have you ever experienced New Orleans??? If not, What are you waiting on?!?


Hi guys! I missed you!! It’s 2019 and the time is flying for sure. I would say that I’m trying my hardest to blog more so please bare with me and please keep supporting. This blog is about my recent affordable travel to NOLA! When you think of New Orleans what comes to mind? I think of bourbon street, good food and hurricane drinks. I absolutely love New Orleans and it is my favorite city to visit. Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to have a girls trip there for my one of my closest friends, Ayanna’s 30th birthday. It was a Friday to Sunday trip and guess what? We drove there and made it a road trip! Of course of all my travels are budgeted and I usually try to save at least 2 months out. How much do you think I spent on the entire trip? Including clothes?

If you guessed.. LESS THAN $300 - YOU ARE RIGHT! I probably spent about $290 total for travel, food, hotel and clothing.

Well if you’re wondering how I did it, here it goes. As you might know I live in Atlanta. Atlanta is about 6.5 hours from New Orleans. My sister and I opted on driving to New Orleans in the beginning and then my
friends decided they were going to join us. The rental car for 3 days was $120 total. We all split the cost which came out to $30 each. We filled up about three times, so that came out to about $25 each on gas and the hotel ended up being $105 each for two days. Some might think that is a lot, but we ended up going the weekend that starts Mardi Gras. How crazy! & the more crazy part about it is, we didn’t even know!

But yes we paid $105 each and that’s the key to traveling and budgeting .. go with friends so you can split the cost of the rooming accommodations! Splitting the cost leads to you having more money for play!


So with it being Mardi Gras, of course there was a lot of stuff going on. I would say that was the only downfall of the trip.. the parades. They were fun but they blocked off most of the roads so it was very hard to leave the downtown area. That is one thing to keep in mind if you are going during an event. We made the best of it, and visited some of the main tourist areas and ate so much.

My recommendations for food are the below..

Surrey Uptown ( soo good! great food and inexpensive!) Try the shrimp & grits, king pancake & the french toast.

Flamingo a Gogo ( for a colorful blogger like me, this was a fabulous place and really good drinks! Try the kings cake drink- so yummy!!)

Creole house- Try the alligator, and crab cake & shrimp Alfredo, ahhh so good!

Popeyes - I know I know, they are everywhere but for some reason its so much better here!

Cajuns- the best seafood, crabs, shrimp etc.

French Market & Restaurant Bar- sooo good BEST OYSTERS!

I’m pretty sure there are thousands I missed but I plan on going back within the next year, for a few more days and trying more restaurants! Seriously New Orleans food is to die for!

If you ever heard of American Horror Story, you would know the mansion they film in, is in New Orleans and we went by and snapped a photo. See below! There is honestly so much history there and you would need a few days to really unpack it all. We also tried to visit the grave site but the tours were every hour and we were on a time crunch. The grave yards are a must go place if you are visiting Nola...If you are into the super natural, voodoo or history lessons. The houses are so cool as well. The shot gun houses look very small but they are extremely long and full of character. The vintage feels is what always catches my eyes.

As far as the clothing, I spent about $70 on my two dresses, brown jogger suit and some accessories. I purchased a cute blue off the shoulder dress from Boohoo and a brown jogger set. The set was super comfy and the bow added the fun detail.. The flowy white stripped dress was purchased from Nasty Gal. Yes - everything was on sale and I didn’t have time to thrift this go around, but I made sure to not go crazy on spending clothing money for just two days.

Do you like my looks for NOLA?

We seriously had the best time in Nola. We partied till 5am one night, slept in the next night, did some crazy girl stuff like jump and dance on stages and get some beads! haha! The best memory was when a blind homeless man prayed for us, our family and our safety. I would remember that forever. He was such an amazing soul with a humble heart.

I stayed within my budget, spent little to no money ($290 to be exact!) and had the best time. This was definitely a trip to remember and memories will last a lifetime. My girls are amazing and I cannot wait until the next trip!

If you are wanting me to plan your next trip, I am open to taking inquiries!! Just give your budget and I will make it worthwhile! Did I mention I planned a 30th birthday last year with over 35 people? So crazy and stressful, but the end result was priceless.

Please email me at for all planning needs! I would love to assist!

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