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The one and only thing you should be in life is... YOURSELF.


I think as humans we try to portray this image of being picture perfect and pretending that everyday is fine but everyone has their down falls. Everyone has a day or two when they don't feel themselves and just not "feeling it". When it came to shooting this look I actually had a whole day planned and I was with my love and sister (who is my personal photographer). For some strange reason that day I wasn't feeling it. My hair didn't look "right", my energy was off and I felt rushed. I also think the nerves that my love was there tripled my emotions. I am usually very confident but that day I wasn't. I called it quits after ten minutes. We ended up forgetting about the shoot and getting breakfast instead. I wasn't myself and I had one of those days. Everyone does. I complained for 10 minutes and expressed to my sister that we would try again and be more prepared the following weekend.

The next Saturday we got up early that morning and I had the opportunity to shoot three different looks in three different locations. One of the looks was is the one pictured below. The graphic tee described my mood perfectly when I think back on it. 

That day I was myself. I felt great and felt my passion for blogging again. I actually came across a video from Oprah recently and I quote in brief words..."the highest honor on earth is to be yourself. Your only job in this world as a human is to describe why you are here and everyone has an internal guidance, a GPS that speaks to us..and if you follow that you will be lead to the highest good for you...always. "

For now on I plan to live by that quote and always stay true to myself. If I'm not feeling it, don't force it because my mistakes would be on full display. I hope you all do as well!

This entire outfit was less than $30 including the shoes and purse. The shoes were purchased on an awesome sale for $9.99 from Zara. This awesome graphic tee that describes my personality perfectly was $4. The high waisted jeans which were blogged about previously were $6 from Goodwill, and my fabulous purse was $6. I love being able to put together looks for less than the amount of a lunch date. haha!! You can look fabulous too! 

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Talk to ya soon,

Niqua Jeanette 

Spring is here!

Spring is here!