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IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!

IM BACKK!!! From $111 to $302; don't make the same mistake!



DID YOU MISS ME? I seriously needed to take a time out, basically a mental break from the world and live my life this summer. I wanted to focus on me and getting myself together. Sometimes we need to unwind and not care about what others are doing or thinking. So you all might be wondering what have I been doing since my last post right?.... Well this summer I have traveled like crazy. I literally just came back from two back to back weekends in Florida. One weekend I went to Orlando for my friend's baby shower,(she had her twins a week later) and the past weekend I went back home to Key West for my 10 year class reunion. Back in June I also traveled to San Francisco for my birthday! My boo thang surprised me with a birthday trip and I am so grateful for him. But yes, I have been living and enjoying life, going through the motions and taking it day by day. I am still living fabulously on a budget and saving when I can. 


I actually wanted to tell you all about my recent experience back home to Key West. If you have never been to Key West, make sure to go and check it off your bucket list. Not only are the sunsets breathtaking, the locals are amazing and the food is bananas! ( I mean that in a great way) I love coming home to see my family and friends and the past weekend  was nothing short of amazing. Let's get down to it! My budget for the whole trip including travel was $225. I had already prepaid for all of the activities my high school class had arranged and I had it in my mind that I was going to get local food and nothing too crazy expensive. Welp...That didn't go as planned =(

So long story short, my boyfriend travels a lot for work and play. Luckily for me, we booked my flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale for only $11 due to sky miles. ROUNDTRIP YALL!! So Key West is about 3.5 hours from Fort Lauderdale, the reason I didn't book a straight flight is because everything was over $400 and I was not about to pay that! So I flew into Fort Lauderdale on a Friday and rented a car for three days for $100. I am pretty sure if I wouldn't have booked last minute I probably would have paid cheaper. BUT WHATEVER! I knew I was going to stay at my cousins house which was for free! Thank god, and I knew I had over $114 left for 2 days which is not a lot of money but I always make it work. So that whole weekend I got spent about $60 on food and drinks! Not a lot at all! I was so proud of myself. On the day I was supposed to leave, I walk outside of my cousin's apartment and I don't see my car anywhere in sight!!! LEGIT FREAKING OUT! My car got towed y'all and it wasn't even my car! I had to make my flight back to Fort Lauderdale by 6pm and it was 11am at this point! I called literally everyone to see if they knew anyone at the tour truck company to get my car out for free but no luck!!! I had to pay $191 dollars to get my freaking rental car out! Talk about blowed!!!!!! My budget was completely out of the window. Thank god I had some extra money in my bank account and was able to get my car out because other wise I would have been STUCK writing this blog from Key West. 

So this time it was a crazy silly mistake on my part. I honestly did not know my car was going to get towed considering I parked in the same spot the night before. I am convinced someone was watching me! So evil!! But my advice to you all while traveling on a budget is to always read signs and always go with your first extinct. I am traveling again in the next two weeks and I hope this mistake never happens to me again! I had so much fun at my class reunion though. It was great to catch up with all of my classmates and dance and share laughs. My fabulous yellow jumpsuit was purchased from Asos $34, and my dress was $22 from Asos as well. The links are below!

Tropical Jumpsuit- Click here!

Pencil Dress - click here!

Anyways, I am so glad I went to my reunion and I cannot wait until the next one! Here's to the class of 2008!!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I will be checking in again soon! Check out the photos from my reunion below!

Stay Fabulous!!! 


Niqua Jeanette

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