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Spring is here!

Spring is here!


According to the weather men and women, Spring is in full effect! That's hard to believe when we are still walking outside to snow storms and below 30 degree weather. Although the flowers are blossoming, I just don't feel the spring energy here. Hopefully the weather turns around soon because I want to show you all more thrifted and affordable looks. 

Recently I went to the mall to window shop, yes I window shop too. lol! But I went to the mall and I came across one of my favorite stores- Topshop. Now if you haven't heard of Topshop, you definitely need to jump on the band wagon and make this your favorite store. It is European based and there's only a select few in the US. Actually, the first one I ever went to was in Chicago a few years ago. Top Shop has a women and men's department and each season they come out with the most fashionable pieces. From suits and dresses to everyday wear, you can at least walk out with something you love. Although I am the affordable queen, the prices in this store does stretch a little, so you have to be ready to spend some coins. 

Anyway, I walked into store a few weeks ago and walked around and noticed their sale was up to 50%. I immediately went over to the racks and searched to see what I could find. I came across some fabulous slip on shoes, but they were not my size....sooo disappointing. I continued to search through the racks and I found this perfect reverse bow tie top that was originally $39.50 but on sale for $15.00. Now you all, I normally would not purchase this if it was $40 but I couldn't pass up this top. I also found the floral skirt (pictured below) for $16.00, original price $60. Ahhhh! I tried the combo on and it matched perfectly. That was my splurge of the month on clothing and I didn't regret it one bit. 


I think it's good to at least treat yourself and not feel ashamed about it. If thrifting isn't your thing, that's fine. Go to the clearance/sale rack and spend your coins wisely! I am all about promoting fabulous affordable wear and finding what works best for you. 

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Shoes - $8 - DD's Discount,

Top- Topshop US

Skirt- Topshop US

Kinky Hair - provided by yours truly - natural hair rocks!lol


Crop Tops & Street Style

Crop Tops & Street Style

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