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Style Secrets:Vol.3 Live in Color

Style Secrets:Vol.3 Live in Color


Hey Y'all!

If you have been wondering what happened last week? Well...I actually went back to my hometown Key West Florida! I really need time to reflect and relax for the end of the summer. this summer went by entirely too fast and I don't remember a thing that happened. I know, that's bad! But on the positive note, Key West was amazing! I really enjoyed my friends and I really had a few days to do absolutely NOTHING! If you have never been before, at least go for a weekend and enjoy the island.

Although I missed last week's Style Secret's, this week's look was all about color! Ive always been a fan of bright colors and patterns, and I had a chance to accomplish a 10 min shoot with my best friend in the blazing hot Atlanta sun. 

The Secret is... my hot pink pants were thrifted and they are my absolute favorite! I purchased them from a thrift store in Atlanta called Southern Thrift Market. Southern Thrift is like a department store but sells all thrifted items. Nothing there is more than $15 dollars, and there is so much to choose from. I paired it with a Charlotte Russe off the shoulder white blouse, that I caught on a sale for $15. My necklace was a statement piece that was light pink and layered, and my shoes were $8 from DD's discount.


 My entire look was less than $35!

Of course the most expensive accessory was my Kate Spade fabulous pink tote. Who doesn't love fabulous purses?

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Until then,

Niqua Jeanette

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