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I watched Serena play at the U.S Open!

I watched Serena play at the U.S Open!



I hope you have read my last blog post about my engagement but if not, please go read… it’s a good one!! From reading the headline, you can already tell that this blog is about me attending the US OPEN in New York two weeks ago. I actually still cannot believe I had the chance to witness the GOAT aka the most decorated, fearless, and beautiful Serena Williams play tennis. This match was a big one for her in which she could have made history if she would have won. Unfortunately she experienced an upset by Bianca Andreescu, but it was an intense match to watch. Serena played well for the first hour, hit 119 miles per hour balls, and even came to a point in which she tied her set. The energy in that arena was nothing I have ever experienced before. It was like my heart was racing the entire time and I was at the edge of my seat. After the second set, both ladies were playing their hearts out. Serena even came back and was down by 1 point and we had high hopes that she would pull it off. It was 6-5 with Bianca being up, energy is high, crowd is roaring, but Bianca crushed Serena’s soft 74 mile per hour serve right past her and won the title.Although it was sad to see Serena lost, I was very proud to see a 20 year old, who couldn’t even qualify for the US Open last year, debut and actually win! That is persistence and hard work right there!

It was an amazing experience that I will forever remember. Not only did we go there to experience history, we went for one of our close friend’s birthday. This friend is someone we have known since grade school and the same person who introduced me to my now fiancé. We spent the entire weekend in Brooklyn, New York with over 20 people. The energy was unmatched and the vibes were so chill.

I know you all are interested to know how much I spent right? Well for everything including the flight, Airbnb and ticket to the open, I spent about $500. Some might think that $500 for a weekend is a lot of money, but that was including the stay , flight and expenses yall! Let me break it down below.

Airbnb— $200 per person. We stayed at a bomb AIRBNB, had a house party, convienent location near a cheap bodega where we ate breakfast all day, and made great memories.

Flight— We purchased two one ways, One was purchased on credit which was free and another was $107.

The US Open ticket was $118.

We spent about $100 on Food and Ubers and walked a lot around Brooklyn.

The group we were around was so inspiring and all full of BLACK GIRL MAGIC and BLACK BOY JOY! Not only was everyone so supportive and inspiring, they were a good time to be around. The circle consisted of engineers, lawyers, physician assistants, entrepreneurs, publicist, people with PHD’s and other creative souls.We really enjoyed ourselves and made some dope memories for sure.


My outfits were mainly purchased from Asos all affordable and under $25. I didn’t get too take too many photos because we were all living in the moment but I did get a lot of compliments from my dress I wore to the tennis match. I also had a chance to stop by a vintage shop called Narnia vintage in Brooklyn. I hope you all enjoy my images and I will check in again soon.

Until Next Time,

Niqua Jeanette

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